Paul Vigay Laid To Rest

Dear Friends Under cloudless blue skies crop circle/UFO researcher and computer wizard Paul Vigay (44) was laid to rest on Monday in a ‘natural’ funeral at the Sustainability Centre woodland burial ground near Petersfield, Hampshire . A horse and cart carried the coffin, and the 200 mourners walked slowly behind through a beautiful silent forest to a clearing where a lone saxophonist played ‘Over the Rainbow’ accompanied only by wild birdsong and the whispering of the swaying forest trees. Paul’s sister Fran had written a beautiful pagan type soliliquy (spelling?) involving all the elements which she cast onto the coffin and then we all sprinkled flower petals into the grave. Then back in the centre came a beautiful 90 minute service with fellow researchers, family and friends all giving their touching tributes to Paul. At the front was Paul’s mother Mavis and his father John who lit five candles on a small table on which was a photo of Paul. There was much humour among the tears, music written specially for Paul and then a jazz band played while abundant veggie and vegan food was served. Before leaving the Vigay family offered mourners potted acorns to plant in memory of nature loving Paul. A website has been set up so planters can record where in the world Paul’s mighty oaks-to-be are located. I took a number of photos and a DVD was made of the service which I’ll try to obtain and duplicate for people abroad who couldn’t attend. Love and Blessings Dave Haith


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