There is something about talking to a camera…

So yesterday I milked my 15 minutes of fame with The UFO Hunters. They interviewed me about the Cardiff Police Helicopter incident and we shot on location at RAF St Athan where the incident began.

St Athan is a bit out of the way, a little rural, very quiet. Bear that in mind…

I met the crew and the host Bill. They were all really friendly and the interview flowed. Then three forces personnel approached (we were on public land) and asked what we were doing. An explanation was given and a permit was produced. That satisfied them and they left. From that moment on the amount of noise coming from the base escalated. Shots were heard (obviously training rounds), fork lifts came close to us, all stopping the filming due to the noise. It was so frustrating having to re-do takes due to single shots going off.

We finished just as the RAF police came to ask more questions and take some ID. We’d finished so it wasn’t a big deal.

Talking to a camera, it feels so unnatural, this big myopic device staring at you, time to say something wise to placate it. Damn, blew it.


2 thoughts on “There is something about talking to a camera…

  1. Hi, I live in Cardiff, and on of the interesting things about that incident is that at the time of the encounter it actually looks like the chopper is flying over the coast with Penarth Pier in the background.
    As far as I am aware there is absolutely no reason for the chopper to fly to St Athens, it’s no longer an active airfield, the chopper has a base near Cardiff Bay. Penarth is about a mile around the headland.

    Hope this helps


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