What Disclosure means to you…

OK, Solpadol tablet now on-board…

So Gary McKinnon has been granted a two week reprieve and for Gary that is great news. Whether you agree with him or not it must be awful facing an uncertain future and the potential of a lengthy incarceration. You’ll get 5-6 years for rape, 15 years for a bank job, hack a military system and you can kiss the next 60 years goodbye. Go figure.

We all want the truth and we hear so much about Disclosure (and yes it is Disclosure with a capital D. Capital D. Disclosure, OK?) But it is not going to be real Disclosure and I can prove it, to a point. The much trumpeted release of information from the MoD (which will take around 12 months and will stop the release of many documents you may request – see previous entry) is only what they have on file in the office in Whitehall. Y’know, the office of “we can let you see this document”. I have it on good authority there are a number of documents in the release that we not passed to the “PR” department for UFOs in the MoD. This is because these documents were reports by service personnel. Service personnel documents are a nightmare for the MoD, because usually these people are trained observers so it is difficult to explain away what they saw. Just like when the Police helicopter spotted an object and avoided colliding with it, they knew it wasn’t a Chinese lantern and it was a UFO because they are trained observers. Their testimony can put you in prison, so if they can’t tell the difference between a Chinese lantern or a UFO then how can you believe their testimony in a court of law?

Anyway, these reports by service personnel went “missing”. Sat in a drawer somewhere because someone decided that they were too hot. But, someone knew where to find them when this release was announced. So they weren’t lost, they were deliberately witheld because they would be awkward at the time. So immediately we can see there is a two track system for UFO information. One for the “PR” department and one for the more awkward stuff. So can we really believe this release of information is anything other than a smokescreen? So there is someone who makes this decision, what is too sensitive for good old DI55 or whatever we want to call it now. So that someone must know a bit more about a ‘bigger picture’ so they can make their decisions. So that person who makes the decision must have a line of command, and that line of command knows more about the ‘bigger picture’. So in essence we are now having to look for this ghost department that no-one will admit too.

It is good these files are being released and will offer up some interesting points, but, it is not the sum total of what is in the MoD files. It will lack the “smoking gun”. Disclosure is not an option for the Governments of the world. I am sorry ot say that, but it is what I believe. It is up to us to find the information, to hunt for the truth, not to sit back and passively take what the Government tell us. Society has been doing that for far too long, and look where it got us…


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