“Of Defence Significance”

One of my favourite phrases, It is standard MoD language, UFOs are not of concern because they “are not of defence significance”. Which roughly translated means that the MoD do not believe they are a threat to the UK.

Last July (I think) The Scotsman newspaper reported that RAF Tornados were despatched to intercept Russian planes off the Scottish coast. The Russian planes were practising long-range bombing runs and were close to UK airspace, and that is a threat, so the RAF sent a welcoming party. That is of defence significance.

In Nick Redferns book ‘Covert Agenda’ there is an incident where an RAF station in Cyprus is told to stand-down as a huge UFO flies overhead and is witnessed by many. The call came from London. So someone had prior knowledge of the event. In the Rendlesham case the local prison is put on alert for evacuation based on some future event. Even the Rendlesham incident appears to have some elements of forewarning. So does someone, somewhere, know when certain things are likely to happen. If so, then these things may not be of defence significance, because someone, somewhere is aware of what is due to take place. If someone, somewhere knows these events are due to take place they must have access to some amazing knowledge. A UFO can hover over RAF Corsham and it is not of defence significance. It seems strange. But if someone higher up the chain of command knows where these things come from, and what they are doing, then these things are not of defence significance. It is a wonderful phrase. It has multi-layered meaning. As they say, the devil is in the detail…


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