The MoD/DI55 is closed for business…

FFS. If any letter was deliberately crafted to pee me off it was this one. In fact, I think there was a committee that sat in Whitehall, all beavering away to create the perfect letter to annoy me. In fact, if you listen carefully, Whitehall is guffawing in a manical manner in my general direction. Oh, the letter? Yeah…

When I moved I lost a few files I had obtained from the MoD. One such file was the RAF Cosford incident. So I sent off an application to replace the file. I received a letter stating that because all UFO reports have been marked for future release, and are being moved to the National Archive, they don’t have to send me a copy (Section 22 of the FOIA). And as the file is being moved sometime in the next 12 months (they don’t know when), I can’t have that file for 12 months.

Now (and be warned I may spill into a full on rant) this means that the MoD will not release any file requested (thats on the release list) for the next 12 months! 12 months! Potentially a full calendar year!! C’mon, a very subtle form of censorship, albeit for a year!


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