There’s a war out there… a world war…

Front page of The Western Mail last Thursday was a story about a guy who mistook the Moon for a UFO. The Western Mail, for the uninitiated, is the ‘serious’ Welsh national paper. The article was a column wide and the length of the front page, and featured the transcription of the hapless observer. You could almost hear the sniggers in the control room. There was even a helpful weblink where you could hear the whole telephone conversation, courtesy of South Wales Police. Strangely enough, when a South Wales Police helicopter almost collided with a UFO over an RAF base, then gave chase over the Bristol channel: well the story didn’t feature on the front page of The Western Mail. The transcript of the conversation between the helicopter and the control tower wasn’t published on the front page, and South Wales Police didn’t release the audio file of the conversation for the whole world to listen to. Curious.


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