UFOs over Cardiff? And other screaming headlines…

Despite what some media outlets will have you believe, there is a hunger for UFO related information and recent events highlight this. The South Wales Echo devoted their front page to the recent UFO sighting over Cardiff where two Police officers avoided colliding with a UFO and then gave chase. This was also reported very favourably in The Sun and The Telegraph. The Sun’s recent frontpage headline about Army officers videoing a UFO sighting showed that the gutter press can report these items in a positive light and has returned to this style of reporting having spent many years debunking the subject.


All this on the back of the MoD releasing files to the National Archive, and the National Archives website then sustaining a very large amount of traffic in search of these files. A visit to The Sun will yield a display of some good UFO video footage and very positively reported stories. This shouldn’t surprise us. The Government has long used the media to educate the public. Be it a topical storyline in a soap-opera, documents leaked to the press, or stories ‘placed’ within suitable publications. Are we being told something? Is this more of the controlled release of information to educate the public? Time will tell but if we look historically at opinion polls both here and in the US, the amount of people who believe in the existence of UFOs steadily increases over time so we can definitely say that some form of education is in action. Whether that education comes from personal experience, objective reasoning and research or through some other means is immaterial at the moment. The fact remains that more people believe now than ever before. These figures never show a decline.


The media interest in UFOs/ET does peak and trough. In the years proceeding ‘The X-Files’ and for a while afterwards there was a huge appetite in all forms of the media for UFO related information but that waned. To give a very good example a few years back The Times ran an editorial about a strange signal detected by SETI with the heading ‘ET: Go Home’. The editorial argued that humanity was not interested in whether ET existed or not and this signal meant nothing. So to have matters related to UFOlogy pushed up the media agenda shows we are maybe approaching another peak.


I have requested from the MoD, the Civil Aviation Authority and South Wales police copies of all the files. As soon as I get some info I will report back…


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