Magic Lanterns

I predict that Chinese Lanterns will become the new ‘Marsh Gas’. These lanterns which float through the sky are being used as a debunking tool for quite a few sightings. The Sun ridiculed the lanterns theory but The Telegraph held it up as a possible solution to what people were seeing. Again, just like marsh gas, it doesn’t  hold up to serious (please note that word: serious) consideration. Quite how a Police helicopter chased a Chinese lantern from RAF St Athan, Cardiif, over to the Bristol Channel is beyond me. Quite how trained Police officers, whose observational skills and testimony can put people behind bars in a court of law, failed to tell the difference between a UFO and a Chinese lantern is beyond me. Quite how Chinese lanterns can accelerate to extreme speeds and perform manoeuvres that defy our understanding of the laws of physics is beyond me. Need I go on? I thought not…


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