Dr Karla Turner books online

With the recent death of Budd Hopkins I have been re-visiting a lot of the books I read regarding the alien abduction phenomena. Karla Turner’s books are a fascinating read, definitely on the ‘bad aliens’ side of the argument.  Karla’s untimely death meant that a lot of her work is difficult to come by, fortunately her books are available as pdfs


Masquerade of Angels http://www.whale.to/b/turner1.pdf

Taken: Inside the alien-human abduction agenda http://www.whale.to/b/turner_b.html

Into the Fringe: A true story of alien abduction  http://www.whale.to/b/turner2.pdf









Rendlesham Forest still perplexes

Aside from “THE” Rendlesham Forest incident, the area has a long history of weird goings on, stretching back to Victorian times. The area is still pretty active for weird experiences. Co-author of the original book on the Rendlesham Incident (Sky Crash) UFOlogist Brenda Butler has documented some of the strange experiences that continue in the Forest.


Honestly! I am not a sceptic, but look at what I have to work with!

This alleged UFO was captured near the Freedom Tower in New York. The MUFON report states this diamond object was photographed, blah, blah, blah… I will make it simple. It’s not a diamond, it’s a rectangle. It looks like a diamond because of the perspective of the photographer. Look at the line at the bottom of the object, it runs in a similar parallel to the lines on the roof, so it’s a rectangle.

The ‘markings’ and ‘windows’ are in fact lettering. This is a banner. What it’s doing there is of zero interest to me. It’s a banner. All the web pages that are running with this are not my concern. It’s a banner.


Alien Abduction… proof? What proof?

So let me get this straight… a guy walks out of the factory, the security tape goes offline briefly, the guy goes missing for two hours, staggers back, throws up and that is your evidence for alien abduction? Hey, don’t take my word for it, check the link out

Also on this page is the report of the abduction of an entire village in China, the ‘reportedly’ is not a big word, but it’s doing a lot in this report. This is my big point about alien abduction: these half-baked, and half-researched, sensationalist stories do more harm than good and are the main reason abduction is still considered a research back-water.






The US UFO Spike in Full

This summer saw a sharp ‘spike’ in UFO sightings  in the United States. This does happen periodically on a global scale. These ‘flaps’ can sometimes be tracked to when Earth is closest to Mars (although personally I see that as just a statistical anomaly) or, in fact, we just don’t know why they happen. They just do. Here is a nice little info-graphic from livescience.com which breaks it down histogram style… Also a handy guide for those reporting UFOs…


Abduction: Not as standardised as you are led to believe…

The recent death of Budd Hopkins and Charles Hickson, the claims of Budd’s ex-wife and the whole Emma Woods debacle has made me think a lot about the whole abduction scenario. It was Hickson’s death that made me revisit his experience and what struck me was how weird it actually was. Not just in what he claimed happened, but how different it was to what we now take as a ‘typical’ abduction experience. (If being abducted by aliens could ever be considered ‘typical’). Over time we have almost accepted alien abduction as having a standardised template, almost as if there is Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

It wasn’t always this way, previously abductions were carried out by a whole range of weird and wonderful beings. The SOP of capture, probe and a chat was still fairly typical, but the aliens involved were very, very different. Here in the United Kingdom, the majority of abductions were carried out by tall, blonde haired, Nordic looking beings. These abductors were carrying out their abductions in the 50′s, 60′s,70′s and then something changed. During this time, abductions by Greys were few and far between. Suddenly, something changed, and the Greys were more common place whilst the Nordics were seldom seen.

The claim that the SOP never changes and is so common between all abductees is usually trotted out as a reason why abduction is a genuine phenomena, but this confirmation bias is a huge chink in the subjects armour. Not all experiences are the same, and you do have to question why you are being told that.

Charlie Hickson, famous abductee dies…

On September 14th, famous abductess CHARLES Hickson, whose claimed 1973 abduction by a UFO drew widespread attention, has died.

Hickson and Calvin Parker were fishing on the Pascagoula River in southern Mississippi on October 11, 1973, when the pair said they were abducted and probed by aliens, and then released from their spacecraft.

Considered one of the most seminal UFO/Abductee encounters, Hickson never waivered from his claims, a good description of the enitre experience can be found here