Fortean Radio: Upcoming Podcasts

Just a small note to say that I have had two very interesting interviews with Patty Greer and Jack Brewer.

Patty Greer shared her passion, enthusiasm and research around crop circles and I struggled to get a word in edgeways, as Patty crammed as much information as possible into our short time slot.

Jack and I discussed the use of hypnosis within the alien abduction scenario and touched on some of the other issues around this fascinating and contentious topic.

I’m currently editing these interviews for the show, and the first one will be out this week. In the meantime, there are some interesting podcasts over on the Fortean Radio website –

Carol Rainey: Open Letter to the UFO Community

Carol Rainey is the former wife of Budd Hopkins. Just before his death, Carol made public the concerns she had regarding, as she saw it, the cult of alien abduction. It also brought sharply into focus the use of hypnosis and its practitioners. I believe she has some very valid concerns. The whole debate has been reignited by her open letter to the UFO community, which can be viewed here:

There are large sections of the UFO community who have sat back in the belief that abductions were a done deal. They believed that people were abducted, hypnosis was the key to their repressed memories and what Messrs. Mack, Hopkins and Jacobs told them was pretty much the whole story. Too few continued to challenge, to investigate and to question.

When people dare to question, then things gets ugly. Carol has come under some increasingly personal attacks for daring to ask the questions she wanted answers too. In fact, Carol is raising some serious issues that evidently many in the UFO community do not want to deal with. Some information on the attacks can be found here:

There are some serious cracks appearing in much of the abduction story that need to be answered. In fact, are overdue to be answered as they have been papered over for too long. This doesn’t mean that this could invalidate what has been reported before, but truth should always be at the heart of these subjects. So why go attacking those who are trying to get to the truth?

Fortean Radio: CODM #4 – Jon Kelly

A new episode of The Church of David Mabus on Fortean Radio is now out! Jon Kelly confronts critique of his particular brand of speech analysis. From murderers to Edward Snowden and exopolitics, he believes our speech subconsciously reveals information about the wider world . . . when recorded and played back in reverse.

Fortean Radio: Ontological Shock #2 – Richard Lawrence of the Aetherius Society

Ontological Shock #2 is now out as I interview Richard Lawrence of The Aetherius Society – Europe, a belief system that spreads ‘the teachings of advanced extra-terrestrial intelligences’.

If you missed it, you can also catch Ontological Shock #1 with Simon Sharman on his forthcoming ‘Cosmic Whistleblowers’ documentary and Rob Buckle on his views of Wiltshire strangeness.

Roswell: More evidence or more shenanigans?

Last week I interviewed Simon Sharman who is crowdfunding to produce a documentary featuring as-yet unheard witness testimonies. It was a good interview and I’ll be posting the link to the podcast shortly. Then news reached me about other Roswell evidence that may or may not be bubbling to the surface. It may or may not be genuine evidence, this is Roswell after all, and the shadow of Mr. Santilli still looms large.  But the potential of slides depicting a dead alien body has some people very excited. Others are obviously more cautious.

Currently there is much in the news about Roswell, with a new dig at the alleged crash site, Simon’s documentary, the slides etc etc For such an iconic incident, which has shaped and coloured modern UFOlogy, Roswell matters. Irrespective of how you view what happened, Roswell is pivotal in many respects. It is one of those stories that refuses to go away. Can we expect any smoking guns in the near future? Time as ever will tell…